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Case Study:

The world's first eco-friendly, handheld fabric care device

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Pilot Lite Case Study - The world's first eco-friendly, handheld fabric care device

w'air is a revolutionary and versatile fabric care system that spot cleans, deep cleans & refreshes anything from sneakers and sofas to clothing and carpets using just a fraction of the water, energy and detergent of conventional methods.


The challenge

For many people, doing the laundry is drudgery - it’s a task that many of us would prefer to avoid. Over half of respondents in a recent global study said they would consider re-wearing clothes without laundering provided that they looked and smelled fresh. And, according to a 2017 AEG Research Study, a staggering 90 percent of the clothes we wash don't actually need to be, which results in unnecessary environmental harm and wear and tear. 

The solution

w’air is a sustainable fabric care system developed with Pilot Lite’s patented hydrodynamic technology that harnesses the power of micronized water particles and detergent to effectively clean & protect clothes and other fabrics, leaving them fresh and fragrant. Compared to conventional methods, w’air uses 99 percent less water and up to 77 percent less detergent.

w’air supplements and, in some cases, replaces regular laundering by:

  • Refreshing fabrics and lightly worn clothing so you can wear them for longer between washes
  • Deep cleaning delicates, eliminating the need for costly and damaging dry cleaning
  • Removing stains, dirt and odours without the need for long soaks and harsh, intensive scrubbing
  • Spot cleaning items like sneakers, cushions and sofas that either can't or shouldn't be cleaned in a machine

The w’air hydrodynamic cleaning technology directs a highly calibrated stream of water and detergent through a patented nozzle design. The unique geometry of the water/detergent stream was developed by scientists who analyzed more than 11,000 different combinations of air, water, surfactants, pressure and nozzle angles to determine the optimum cleaning solution.

The w’air device, which includes a backing mat as well as a Starter Pack of detergent and pre-treatments launched in Spring 2021 with an exclusive high street partnership with Selfridges and is now available on Amazon as well as directly via