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Pilot Lite Case Study - W'air

A revolutionary sustainable clothing care system which is a low-impact way to clean and refresh your clothes, whilst reducing water and detergent use.

The challenge

Over 50% of respondents in a recent global study said they would consider re-wearing clothes without laundering provided that they look and smell fresh.  Furthermore, 40% of clothes washed are not dirty, causing an unnecessary impact on the environment and on clothing wear and tear.

The solution

Having developed the initial concept further with an UK-based design firm, the core technology underlying this hydrodynamic cleaning process is the high impact collision of micronised water particles and detergent that actively and effectively removes stains, dirt and bacteria and leaves fabric fresh and fragrant. In addition, the device uses 99% less water and up to 77% less detergent than a normal laundry wash.

Quantitiative research conducted during the design phase revealed that 83% of respondents found the proposition appealing / very appealing. We have completed the prototype testing phase and are conducting extensive early stage consumer testing.   We are also in the process of selecting manufacturing partners for commercial-scale production.  Our commercialisation strategy is being refined for launch, ensuring close alignment and a strong fit to the licensor brands and target markets.  Finally, we have protected this technology with a series of patent families in a number of key jurisdictions which delivers protection on the underlying nozzle technology for the next decade.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the cost saving of complementing laundry washes with the device means that it pays for itself in under a year (using US data for the cost of water / electricity and average number of washes per year).

By targeting Early Adopters (eco-warriors, caregivers and young upwardly mobile professionals), we estimate there is a potential audience of 18M consumers in the US/UK alone. Our anticipated launch date is late 2020. Please visit www.justwairit.com for more information.