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Case Study: Pilot Lite Capital

Sustainable Packaging: Pulp Technology

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Pilot Lite Case Study - Sustainable Packaging: Pulp Technology

We are developing an innovative and patented technology to replace glass and plastic bottles with biodegradable pulp fibre bottles to assist corporates in the drinks, personal and health care and home care sectors to meet their sustainability goals and to create a competitive advantage.

The challenge

We have worked very closely with one of our clients to develop a viable and financeable pulp-based bottle that fully degrades in the natural environment with only 10% of the carbon footprint of glass and 70% of a PET equivalent.   

The solution

In conjunction with market-leading design technology specialists, we have developed a patented biodegradable pulp fibre bottle manufacturing technology including bottle design, coating and closures.

The process involves moulding pulp into a complete, single-piece bottle shape, microwave drying, coating the bottle with a food-grade barrier material and applying a fibre or biopolymer cap. The bottle design can be moulded to shape for brand identity and will be compatible with existing filling and distribution infrastructure.

We are currently completing the prototype testing phase for bottle and closure manufacturing, before beginning pilot line production. Thereafter, we will transition to commercial-scale manufacturing operations to start producing pulp bottles in the drinks, food, homecare and personal care sectors in a matter of months.