Are you looking for a fresh approach to identify new opportunities?

We don’t operate like others — through our innovative, yet proven approach, we invert the whole process of traditional scouting and are able to identify the outliers that don’t want to be found…

The client challenge

We were tasked with identifying disruptive short- and medium-term origination opportunities across six commercial categories (Oral Health, Respiratory Health, Skincare, Pain, Digestive Health and Digital Health) by a global healthcare provider who wanted to challenge its categories’ origination lens (with a specific geographic focus of Asia and Latin America), in addition to recognising trends.

Our solution

Through a combined taskforce of up to 40 of our own in-country scouting experts along with partners, we were able to put approximately 70 opportunities per category, as well as platform extensions, through our unique, comprehensive matrixing process to objectively select the top candidates. These were then entered into a more rigorous triangulation and validation process to benchmark the top 15 opportunities and platforms per category, alongside links to distribution. Finally, the trends were clarified, eradicating any fads to allow accelerated go-to-market for the client and allow them leapfrog their competition.

The client actioned 6 immediate opportunities across Oral Health, Pain and Digital Health, whilst also gaining a significant actional pipeline as well as the funding to create a new business unit. They also asked us to continue to support their origination activities across their remaining global categories. The client also looked to invest a further £100M in medium term companies across the categories. Overall, the process took 16 weeks with over 300 opportunities pipelined taking only a tenth of the time. We have since been asked to scout and identify for other business units across the corporation.