Looking to sell existing products through new channels, not currently served by your existing distribution network?

We can take a new product into alternative channels by means of an accelerated, de-risked process, which can then be reintegrated into your business unit. We have extensive experience in validating and launching breakthrough technologies for our corporate clients into new markets

The client challenge

Our client was looking to take a cold-pressed drinks range into independent retail channels in Stockholm as a proof of concept for the wider Scandinavian market.

Our solution

We completed the pre-launch validation, business readiness planning and managed the entire launch including product mix, product and market logistics, distribution, independent outlet contracting and client budget as a standalone outsourced basis.

We delighted our client in terms of results by signing up a variety of 386 independent outlets, (against a target of 250) and similarly achieved almost double the sales volume target for the 5 month test period. The client, satisfied that we had established proved and de-risked market demand for subsequent market scale, took the project back in house and has expanded the launch from Sweden to Denmark as part of a wider development plan.