Our approach to commercializing stranded R&D

1 November 2021
Our approach to commercializing stranded R&D

Pilot Lite has been converting stranded corporate R&D assets into successful new businesses for more than a decade. Our end-to-end approach is the subject of the latest white paper in our Venture Series, available now for download.

Every year, the world's leading corporates generate hundreds of R&D assets, although few are actually commercialized. Other assets are abandoned for a variety of reasons, from being too disruptive to a corporate's core business to a lack of bandwidth and capital.

Since 2009, Pilot Lite has been converting corporate R&D assets into successful commercial businesses at a success rate that is twice that of leading investment firms and 10 times that of solo corporate ventures. Pilot Lite's proven, proprietary end-to-end venture management approach and our team of venture specialists are unique to the marketplace, drawing top Fortune 500/FTSE 100 clients.

In 2019, we established Pilot Lite Capital to acquire and commercialize pre-market corporate technologies on our own. In just three years, we have launched three groundbreaking new businesses including a first-in-class paper bottle, the world's first handheld fabric care device and an award-winning roasted potato chip with all the taste of a premium chip--but half the fat and significantly less salt than traditional fried alternatives.

To read more on these successful R&D conversions and Pilot Lite's venture management approach, download our white paper here