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Case Study: Pilot Lite Capital

The 'next generation' crisp

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Pilot Lite Case Study - The 'next generation' crisp

The 'next generation' crisp - great taste, perfect crunch with less fat, calories and salt.  Roasted, not baked or fried!

The challenge

How people eat is changing - snacking has become ubiquitous and is replacing full meals.  In fact, 69% of Britons snack 1-3 times per day - and crisps are consistently in the top 3 snack choices.  However, growing public health concerns are driving a need to provide snacking solutions that deliver both affirmative nourishment and taste credentials.  Customers' approach to snacking has become more mindful as they look for solutions that combine their key needs of nourishment, taste, health  and comfort.  

The solution

Our product is built on 10 years of ground-breaking science resulting in proprietary know-how, trade secrets and patents encompassing the flavour generation, texture, oil control and manufacturing required to produce a low fat crisp similar in quality to a fried crisp.  The patented novel cooking process slow roasts whole slices of potato in order to produce a crisp that tastes just like a regular crisp, but with 50% less fat, less salt and only 95 calories per bag (versus 180 for a traditional packet of crisps).


Furthermore, this proprietary technology is being developed to be integrated into a traditional crisp manufacturing line to allow for a cost efficient and accelerated route to market that leverages the capacity of strategic partners for non-proprietary elements of the process whilst maintaining technological control.


All of this results in a blue chip R&D asset with multiple patents granted, but more importantly from a customer perspective, in a differentiated "better for you" snack - our 'Simply Roasted' range which is well place to meet the needs of today's more health conscious consumers who want to look after themselves and their family by choosing lower fat, healthier snack options, but would still love to be able to snack on crisps that meet this goal without compromising on taste or texture.