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Case Study:

Extending Business in Berlin

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Pilot Lite Case Study - Extending Business in Berlin

Accelerated venture validation and Go-To-Market strategy in Berlin for one of the world's largest FMCG corporates and category leader in snacks and beverages.




The challenge

Our client was looking to extend its product portfolio beyond mainstream grocery stores to more independent traditional retail outlets, but were aware of their own limited internal resources.  The away-from-home channel had previously only been dealt with at arms' length via distributors and not in any depth by the client themselves.  Therefore our client challenged us to develop a comprehensive GTM strategy to target across 10,000+ retailers in Berlin.


The solution

A clear recommendation was given due to limited client time to create a complete secondary supply chain by pulling product from their current distributor. We then organised a team on the ground to explore outlets and customers in their Tier 1 channel, key neighbourhoods were identified, mapped, characterised, ranked and recommended.

Two full deployment plans were built including a full internal client-run sales structure to reach this market place. The client chose that our standalone PLV team on the ground specifically engaged with and selected a comprehensive list of Tier 1 outlets, representing lighthouse locations to sell into first.  

Furthermore we included selected business-specific channel partners recommended as part of the GTM strategy for immediate deployment following the engagement.  Marketing, sales and activations strategies were concurrently developed for the identified outlets and neighbourhoods.  We generated over €2M in revenues for our client in its first phase.